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10 secrets of coca cola : – Coca Cola is a famous and most fair brand now. The basic origin of Coca Cola as a patent plant by medicine by an Atlanta pharmacist named John Pemberton and also contained actual cocaine. Yes, It’s true. Throughout his journey Coca Cola had many ups and down but he conquered everything in very possible manner and now one of the best seller in the world. Today We’ll see 10 secrets of coca cola . So, let’s read the article in detail.


Coca Cola always seems to find the creative and curious way to attract customers. Users are giving full support to Coca Cola and have huge faith on them. As each generation comes of age, Coca Cola gives his tremendous efforts to achieve all trust customers. Here are some secrets of Coca Cola.

  • Alternative to morphine

Yes, it’s true. It was created as an alternative to morphine. After war the founder make this morphine an addiction and set out search of an opium-free substitute and the result his drugstone in Georgia, Columbus. It is also known as “Brain Tonic”.

  • Coca cola performance management system

The management system of coca cola is very good and also plays a very important role during ups and downs. As other companies Coca Cola also faces many ups and down but “coca cola performance management system” gives tremendous and instant result. He solved all the problems of customer very quickly.

  • Two key ingredients

As it was derived from two key ingredients- The leaf of coca and the kola nut. The first part coca was cocaine, and another one provided caffeine.

  • Meant to alcoholic

It was originally alcoholic. Initially when people have myth of coca cola is alcoholic and very strong they buy stock in coca cola fewer. After when advertisements for coca cola when came in demand then people know only few amount of alcohol present in it in form of acid. So, But yes Coca Cola is alcoholic if you do test.

  • Still contain coca leaf extract

It means still some amount of cocaine and caffeine present in coca cola due to presence of coca leaf. But it is not harmful, try to take less amount and less intake.

  • Several old recopies are available

Many recopies are available which make coca cola pure and perfect to sold in market. It goes through many process before landing in market and after clearing all the surveys and test it boosts the market and came in demand

  • Same price

From ancient period the price is same always and after many years the small fluctuation of price are there because of quantity measures. Due to high demand and high production it will available in bottles, canes, jar, etc. Otherwise it is affordable and best to buy.

  • Coca cola customer relationship

The relationship with Coca Cola is awesome when it comes to festival or celebration. Customer relationship is the first priority for Coca Cola team and this quality will taking it up and still growing.

So, these are some secrets of Coca Cola. I hope this article “10 secrets of coca cola” will educate you and give more information. Thanks for reading and keep drinking Coca cola.


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