5 basic clothing pieces every Guy Should Have

5 basic clothing pieces for Men : – Would you like to know about clothing? What type of clothes you must have in your wardrobe? Today in this article I am giving the answers. Hello everyone! Here are the basic clothing pieces every Guy Should Have In His Closet . Without taking your time let’s see what are the clothing pieces.

  • Jeans

A good pair of blue denim jeans you must have. Jeans is that type of clothing which fits with all type of t-shirts and shirts. You must buy some expensive jeans so that you could match it with any shirts and also do your job for long time.

  • Polo t-shirts

Nowadays  polo t-shirts are very good and it enhance your overall look. Make sure you only have two color. One for whole and one for base. Have same basic shades color of polo t-shirts. Don’t fold your t-shirts. Buy clothes stand rack for taking care of shirts.

  • Coat

Not very important but essential piece of clothing. Coats enhance your overall look and it plays important role in winters. You must have 2-3 coats. Welcome to the world of fashion. Expend some money to look great. Also for coat buy clothes rack hanger. Don’t fold it. Men grey blazer with jeans look awesome. Try to buy blue black color of blazers as well.

  • Suits

Blue and black suits look very classy and you must have. Don’t need to wear daily so spend some more money and buy quality suits. Some lighter shirts and match with darker tie. It look awesome when it match up with suits. Try to do so.

  • Crew Neck Sweater

This comes in casual clothing and very sex when you pair with jeans or chinos. Crew neck sweater look very elegant when you go for party or day time party. It look very handsome and complete your overall look. Try to match your color. Do some internet for best matching color.

  • Bomber Jacket

It comes in party look and bomber jacket is very cool when you wear it. You can also layer your shirts with bomber jackets and it is very trending nowadays. Many hangout places and party also have same outfit. It is best way of clothing and best way to impress anyone. You must have 2-3 bomber jackets of different color to best match.

  • White Tee

White tee is very good for daily dressing. Black tee can also come in use. You can use it for multi purposes. You can layer it. wear it with pants, chinos, shorts. It also cover your party look when you fit with hat. White tee will complete your overall look. Monochromatic color i.e black and white you should have in wardrobe in case of tee, shirts, t-shirts, shoes.

In addition

You also have these things to groomed yourself well. Have good perfumes, belts, shoes, ties, wallet. These are some common thing which people see when you come in contact. So, make sure you must have.

These are  my some tips. I hope this article 5 basic clothing pieces every Guy Should Have In His Closet”  will help you. Thanks for reading this article.

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