5 Common Fitness Exercises Habits That Actually Harming

Some Common Fitness Exercises that Harming Your Body : – We all are doing exercise to stay fit and healthy. Unknowingly we’re stick to some fitness exercises which are harming our body. Today in this article we’re going to see Some Common Fitness Exercises Habits That Are Actually Harming Your Body . Before getting to article we should understand which kind of exercises we should do. There are two types of exercises.

  • Fitness Exercises
  • Purpose Exercise

What does it mean?

  • Fitness Exercise – In terms of doing exercise we’re doing so to stay fit, active, healthy and always boost-up by physical and mental strength. To keep your body active and lean we do fitness exercise.

It covers basic home exercises, small stretches, some back and chest exercises, etc. This exercise is meant for all age group and people doing so.

  • Purpose Exercise – This exercise means we’re doing exercise to achieve some desire or doing exercise purposely to gain weight or lose weight, cutting, mass gain, bulky, ripped, abs, biceps, chest, etc. It comes under purpose exercise.

In this different age groups were perform different exercise. Both the exercises are good and very beneficial for you but under some conditions. You should keep your aim in mind and in addition look up your age, level, strength, etc.

Now, Most people do mistakes they follow both exercises at same time. Yes, you can. But it has some process. If you follow rules you’ll not suffer otherwise it will harm your body.

How it will Harm Your Body ?

  • Exercise should make you energized, not tired

If you’re doing exercises forcefully, leave it. You must enjoy your process whenever you do. It will make you feel energetic and enthusiastic. Don’t want exercises then go for other alternatives like walking, running, jogging, cycling.

Most of us doing exercises without enjoying it. As result they do wrong lifts and stretches and suffer from pain and these things will definitely harm your body.

  • Overtraining

Keep doing exercise for long time without considering time and strength level. Yes it means you’re overtraining your body which results back pain, joint pain, arm pain. Don’t push yourself more. Take small breaks during exercise.

  • You still believe in the no pain, no gain philosophy

As I mentioned in first point you should enjoy the process. If you’re believing in pain gain formula sorry you’re wrong. Only if you feel good then okay. Try to motivate your surrounding by doing basic exercise and tell them importance of exercises.

  • Do stretching before exercise

Before getting to hard heavy workout do some normal stretches to avoid arm, back, shoulder pain. Stretches is best way to pick up the momentum or to initialize the exercise. Most people start doing workout without any warm-up and at last it will end up with huge pain and in severe cases you might call a doctor. Highly recommended to all do stretches before getting to exercise.

  • Doing exercise without any guidance

We’re doing basic exercise and heavy one as well. Sometimes we don’t know the process and start doing it. It will harm our body like severe pain, bad shape. Do some research before getting exercise. Many fit online classes available on internet. Go check it out the steps then do it. You will able to see the best results soon.

So, these are some my viewpoints. I hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from this article. I hope this article “Common Fitness Exercises Habits That Are Actually Harming Your Body” will help you. Thanks for reading this article.


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