5 daily diet plan for men to get ripped

5 daily diet plan for men to get ripped: – If you’re gyming person then first thing comes in your mind how to get ripped? Today I am giving you 5 daily diet plan for men to get ripped . If you are daily gymmer then no doubt your body will ripped soon. You have to follow some basic rules which most of the men avoid and go for massive diet. Stick to basic things in case of fitness. Always keep in mind your body will means a lot in this world especially in terms of appearance. So, without wasting time let’s come to diet plan for men to get ripped.

Today we’re going to see 5 basic diet plan, starting with first very important

  • Drink water and how many liters of water to drink per day

Answer is it’s vary from people to people. If you searched for water then you see many answer 2,3,4 liters a day but it’s really not. You should know when you should drink. Stay hydrated during workouts. When you’re in gym and sweating more drink water at regular interval. It is also good for cardio. Try to drink water in proper amount. It’s not only about drinking it’s also about how much you do workouts after drinking. The more you sweat the more you should drink.

  • Eat vegetables

The best vegetables to eat to get ripped faster is carrot. A very good vegetable for best results. Start it from today even you’re not going to gym. Try basic workout which you should do at home for better biceps. Biceps is the first which everyone noticed first. Try to eat vegetables, research more for ripped vegetables.

  • Reduce intake of starchy carbs

Avoid if you’re a pizza lover. Stop junk food if you really want your body get ripped. It will make you fat for sure. Stop intake of junk food. Reduce intake of stimulants. It will harm you in long term. Try to take protein rich diet and reduce intake of carbs. These are some basic and most important “diet plan for men to get ripped”.

  • Drink juice especially lemon

Being yourself hydrated through juice is a great idea. If you’re looking for juice I highly recommend go for vegetables juice or what is suggest go for lemon juice. It will also improves your digestion and being a acidic character it will kill small bacteria which present in your body. Highly recommended for you all go for lemon juice.

  • Egg

Egg plays a very important role in terms of fitness. Egg is only one thing which everyone can take and it has no side effects. Try to take egg daily around 3-4 minimum. Eggs are excellent source of protein, high protein. Eggs contain near about 7 g of protein which is recommended for daily life values. Take egg daily and only eat albumin part(white cover) don’t eat yellowish part.


  • Less consumption of sugar

If you really want to get your body ripped fast reduce intake of sugar in your food. Sugar might create many problem during fitness series. Try to reduce sugar.

Keep one thing in your mind

These steps which I told you is basic but most important. You should follow these steps with your workouts exercises. Only doing these things without exercise will make you fit but not ripped. So keep in mind and keep hustling.

So finally I hope this article 5 daily diet plan for men to get ripped”  actually helped you. Thanks for reading this article. Try to follow these simple steps and move towards your goals and achieve your milestones as soon as you can.

Thank You!

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