Top 5 gents formal dress rules to be sexiest

Top 5 gents formal dress rules to be sexiest :- In this article we’re only going to talk about  formal dressing. Nowadays formal dressing is very important and it plays a very important role when you go for any interview, announcements, meetings and for better version of yourself. So directly get into article Men/gents formal dress rules to be sexiest and to enhance your overall look.

We’re going to cover Top Five Formal Dressing Rules

  • Types of shirts
  • Types of pants
  • Belts
  • Shoes
  • Watches


  • Formal shirts

When it comes to formal event there are two types of formal wear.

  • Traditional formals
  • Business casuals


Traditional Formals

In these types of place you should follow the rules and regulations and cannot wear chilled and pattern shirts. You can only wear simple light, grey, pink shirts like in this case.

Business casuals

In this you can wear some of the darker shades of shirts. You can wear slightly pattern shirts and also wear dark color black, blue green navy like in this case. If you’re wearing suits the best match is light and over dark. But we’ll take about suits in next article.

Points to remember

  • Don’t wear half sleeve shirt
  • Don’t wear T-shirts in formal events
  • Don’t wear loud pattern shirts
  • Avoid saturated color


  • Pants

In terms of formal wear you can only wear two types of panty. One suit pants and another one is formal chinos. Avoid to wear fancy chinos or trousers. For formal event pant should be darker than shirt. These are some good and basic color for formals black, blue grey, light brown. Try to wear goof tailored pants and use shoes according to pants. Wear well tailored mens straight leg chino pants to look more sexier. Try to wear same or one side darker shoes for best results.


  • Belts

This is very common but lot of people do some mistakes in choosing belts. Don’t wear too trendy mens belts. Remember we ‘re talking about formal dressing and in this you should spend some money to be stylish and attractive.

Points to remember

  • Don’t wear cotton belts
  • Don’t wear fancy belts
  • Try to match color of belts with shoes
  • Go for leather belts
  • Wear matching color of socks to pants


  • Shoes

Basically formal wear have only three shoes which you can wear. These shoes are slightly expensive. Formal shoes are expensive but very classy. These are 3 shoes which you can wear.

  • Monkstraps
  • Brogues
  • Loafers- dark colored loafer


  • Watches

Wrist accessories are very important and it is next higher level in formal dressing. One of the most important element in formal dressing. Wrist watches is very classy and looks very elegant. Use metallic watches in formal event. Black metal watch is very classy and looks very sexy. Wear metallic watches when you wear formal dress. You can also wear leather strap watches but go for metallic watches especially when you wear suits.

Note :-

  • Don’t wear digital watches in formal events
  • Avoid fancy watch
  • Avoid pattern strap belts

So, finally I hope this article “Top 5 gents formal dress rules to be sexiest” will help you a lot. Comment below for any query and make sure you must follow these rules when you wear formal dress for any corporate event or any office work. Thanks for reading.

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