7 hacks How to reduce oil on face

7 hacks to reduce oil on your face : – Lot of men and women facing oil problem on face. How to get rid of it? What to do? Many facing acne problem. How to reduce oil on face?. Here in this article I am going to show you “7 hacks to reduce oil on your face” . So, read the full article ask for your query.

How to reduce oil production on face ?

  • Use Best oil reducing Face Wash

Use best oil reducing face wash and look after ingredients how it made and how to apply it. Many brands are available in market and it’s up to you what to choose. Choose the best one by reading ingredients and wash your face gently.

  • Use Micellar water

Micellar water acts as toner and remove dead cells, unnecessary sebum and also protect skin to get too dry. Use Micellar water for best results. It will help to reduce oil on face.

  • Sleep Time

Sleep time means a lot when you want to keep your skin shinny and bright. Take a good sleep will naturally reduce oil and make your face charm. Most of us not taking proper sleep and it led to black heads below eyes which looks very shaggy. Try to take enough sleep. Also take a shirt nap in afternoon if possible.

  • Blotting sheets

It contain glycolic acid which is very effective in reducing oil production. Use these therapy at least a day for best results.

  • Watch your diet

Food which is highly rich in antioxidants makes your skin healthy and reduce oil. Eat fruits and vegetables. Pomegranate is highly rich in antioxidants and very useful for skin. Eat fruits twice a day and keep your skin and face glowing. Stay away from high sugar and fat diet. It will increase your oil production. Look after your diet and make a routine accordingly.

  • Mask Methods

Mask yourself is very effective and give immediate results. Clay masks are also best mask to reduce oil on face. These are some oil reducing face masks you should apply. Use once or twice in a week. Make yourself hydrated.

  • Get a facial

Don’t take steam facials. It will make your skin oiler. Try to take less facial or go for best recommended facial salon which treat oil on face. Don’t go often.

  • In severe get a Dermatologist

May your skin get oiled because of certain other factors. In those case go for medical and look your medications properly . Get yourself a good dermatologist and before go there, take a expert help or consult with your own doctor.


  • Always hydrate your face

In simple terms wash your face as much as you can. It has many benefits. Avoid chemical substances which you apply on face. Try to take good quality herbal face wash for best results. Keep patience and do the things properly. Remember the cheapest method is wash your face as much as you can.

  • It will cool your skin
  • Removes all the dirt out
  • Protect from skin infection
  • Avoid chemical substances
  • Very useful for treating pimples and acne

So, these are my some hacks. I hope this article “7 hacks to reduce oil on your face” will help you. Thanks for reading and ask for any query. Feel free to ask.

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