How to wash dry hair and damaged hair

How to wash dry hair and damaged hair : – Hair is very essential one for everybody to look great. Hair plays very important role and if your hair is dry then you should take more care of it. Today in this article I am going to show you How to wash dry hair and damaged hair and what are the essential things which you should take care of. Without taking much time directly see the article.

How to wash dry Hair

Before washing your hair there are certain things you should keep in your mind. If your hair is dry often and you’re also facing hair loss and damaged hair, Follow these tips and recommendation to treat and get rid of it.

So, let’s see the things you should follow before washing your hair.

  • Shampoo

Before bathing and washing your hair choose that kind of shampoo has high protein content and mild. The reason is it will keep your hair stronger and prevent from hair loss. Highly protein content shampoo also goes to root chambers and very beneficial for dry hair. So, when opting for shampoo choose high protein content.

  • Shampoo must contain these Ingredients

Some essential ingredients for dry hair shampoo it must contain Argan oil or Coconut oil. Oil will nourishes your hair and also prevent from getting damage and keep your hair wet for long time. Also oil can make hair longer fast. Must look after ingredients before buying or applying it , especially for dry and rough hair.

  • Botanical oils

As I mentioned in above point it should must contain ingredients, similar to that one it also has to contain botanical oils. It is available in all type of food stores, olive, jojoba. It also depends upon kind of hair. Things to remember

  • If your hair is heavy go for coconut oil
  • Almond oil will best for repairing damaged hair
  • Give some time to hair after applying shampoo
  • Duration- 20-30 minutes
  • Then rinse and shampoo your hair out


  • Aloe Vera

Best home remedy and very effective. One of the best ingredients for dry hair and for repairing hair too. It will also make your hair grow long and gives strength and prevent from hair loss . It also boost up health and hair growth. Use Aloe Vera Mask for some time and then remove it. It will also remove oil from your skin and you can use it for various purposes like for skin, wrinkles, beauty.

  • Choose hair cream very gently

Make sure take a good cream for hair or oil. Check out the brand recommendation and also try to hair mask post shampoo. Do not use chemical products for your dry hair especially coloring your hair. It will make your damaged hair more severe and you might feel hair loss.

  • Don’t apply shampoo many times

Reason is shampoo is also made up of some chemicals and if putting it so often it will make your hair weaker and make it dry too fast. Don’t use it often.

  • Best way to enhance the protein in your hair

Make a shampoo omelet. Mix one egg with small amount of shampoo and apply it for 5 minutes, then rinse it off and well. This treatment will enhance protein in your hair and this therapy is very suitable for dry hair.

Common Question

Does washing your hair everyday make it dry ?

Well! There is not a number for how many times you should wash but yes few things keep in mind. Washing your hair everyday will remove the natural oil or sebum which makes it healthy. Hair also need food and protein. If you remove it you have to take it from outside. It also depend upon hair and vary from person to person.

My recommendation-

At most you should try to wash your hair everyday and stay away from chemicals and use oil and try to use dry shampoo on your roots.

Finally, These are some my viewpoints. I hope this article How to wash your dry and damaged hair”will help you and able to solve your query. Ask for query and thanks for reading this article.

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