The Complete Guide To Men’s Formal Dress Code

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We’re going to discuss about these thing which will complete the formal look to Men 

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Belts
  • Coat
  • Shoes
  • Socks
  • Fragrances
  • Haircuts
  • Watch Accessories

Let’s start the dress code points starting with:

  • Shirts

Choose slim fit shirts and give importance to lighter color when you’re looking to take coat or blazer on it. If you dressing for semi formal make sure you don’t take coat and roll your sleeves. Go for some expensive shirts, some foreign brands to look great at the party.


  • To look stylish roll your sleeves in proper manner
  • Go for lighter shades shirt for semi-formal events
  • Don’t look your shirt too tight
  • Must wear metallic watch accessories
  • Color recommendation- Blue, White, Black


  • Pants

Give priority to only three types of pants.

  1. Formal trousers
  2. Formal suit pants
  3. Formal Chinos

Formal suit pants are only for very strict traditional formal party otherwise go for chinos or trousers. Choose formal chinos if you would like to layer up with coat.

Note :-  Take care of these rules- Lighter shirts, darker pants.

                                                            Darker shirts, lighter pants.

  • Belts

Not need to discuss many things about belts. Just keep things in your mind.

  • Do not choose fancy belts
  • Go for leather belts
  • Shoes color should match with belt color or one shade darker is also good.


  • Coat

For layering up with shirts, coats or suit coats are best one. Make sure you wear well tailored coat. Tailor should must be your friend if you love fashion and clothing. Make sure you wear well fitted shirts.

  • Shoes

Already I discuss about shoes in my previous article. Go for 3 basic formal shoes

  1. Monkstraps
  2. Brogues
  3. Loafers

Note:- Your shoe color should match with belt color.

  • Shocks

Don’t show your socks or wear socks similar to your pants color. When you sit usually socks seen and if you wear some highlighted color of socks it looks shaggy. Keep these things in your mind.

  • Fragrances

Use quality perfumes. Choose some expensive side to smell more and to go for hard smell. A slight cool fruity smell can to your work.

  • Haircuts and Hair care

Cut your hair according to your face shape and body shape. Don’t use gels to make your hair spikes. Formal party is for gentlemen . Make sure you look classy with your haircuts. Use good hair care products. You can also use wax in formal party but don’t apply it too much.

  • Watch accessories

You must wear a good metallic watch in formal event. Wrist accessories will add more personality to your look and also it creates a good impact on people and you look more professional and attractive.

So, these are some dressing code which you should follow for complete formal look. I hope this article The Complete Guide To Men’s Formal Dress Code will help you. Thanks for reading.

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