Secrets to look sexier in Shirts

8 tips you must know about shirts : – When it comes to clothes everyone notice you once when you wear stylish and proper clothing. Today in this article we’re going to talk about 8 secret tips every guy should know about shirts. Before getting to article remember wear clean clothes. This is the first clothing hack in all terms. Wear clean and well ironed clothes. So, let’s read the article.

Two Basic ground rules  

  • Spend minimum money on shirts
  • You should have these Colors-


Light blue


Benefits of these three colors

You can easily wear these shirts with all types of pants, chinos, shorts, even in some cases of loose shirts like night wear. You also use it as formal dressing, party dressing in case of suits and very important you can wear it with tucked or without tucked in.

  • Pattern shirts

There are some rules when you wear pattern shirts.


Shirts with patterns are having maximum two pattern. It cover all shirt one base and another one is the side. Shirt should not be too printed. Go for simple pattern shirts

  • Shirts which has button on collar

Wear those kinds of shirts which has button on collar. It looks more elegant and it enhances your personality and looks great when you add up bomber jacket or one piece suit one it. Try to buy those shirts which has button or try some hacks to keep collar straight every time.

  • For formal party

Formal men shirt is meant for party and it doesn’t have any pocket. Most men does the same mistake. They wear shirt which has pocket. Avoid to wear those kind of shirts. For formal party choose basic solid color or light color shirts.

  • Rolling your shirt sleeve

When you wear shirts make sure you roll your sleeve in best way. Don’t just pull it off. If you roll sleeves, it should be untucked.

  • Slim fits shirts and regular fit shirts

This is very trendy nowadays. If you are a thinner guy I highly recommend you go for slim fit shirts as compared to regular fit shirts. Best slim fit non iron dress shirts can also do your work. So, try to buy slim fit shirts and it is not too costly as well. Regular fits shirts has some expensive side.

  • Layering shirts

This is a fashion nowadays. Try two base color. I recommend monochromatic color which is black and white. Wear round or V-Neck t-shirts and apply one slim fit shirts on it like in this photo. This look great and increase your overall personality. These type of clothing doesn’t need high investment and also give better side of clothing. Try to wear these kind of shirts when you’re going for club, outdoor places, hangout areas as well.

Note : –

If you’re dressing for party or for any occasion give some time to internet and check the online store . See what color you have in wardrobe and dress-up yourself accordingly. This technique also work on your matching color of your shirts and pants as well. Check the e-commerce fashion sites for best results.

Finally, we end up with this article. These are some points which you should keep in your mind while dressing for occasion. Thanks for reading.

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